Hi there! Welcome to my site and store! A little background: after working in retail for around 20 years, I wanted to put my own passion out there in the world, in the form of a curated lingerie store. To start out I selected a few labels that represent where I live (New York) that are also well-known and well-respected, as well as some newer emerging brands from around the world that I find to be exciting and wanted to share! As time goes on I will expand the selection- and would love to hear who are your lingerie go-to brands or on your ‘WANT’ Pinterest boards. I also intend to offer more sizing options, including more plus/ expanded sizes- so know that that is a goal of mine.

If you make a purchase, please let me know what you think- I’m just one gal in Brooklyn right now, hoping to help you make your lingerie wardrobe everything you want it to be. Thank you for supporting a female-owned and operated business, and one founded on a humble dream.