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Label Spotlight: Only Hearts 1978

Sweet Hitchhiker is a haven for modern women’s underwear, offering styles beyond your typical padded underwire bras and lacy panties (though we do love those too! đŸ™‚ ). I’m highlighting the amazing labels that I chose for the shop, with some background around how cool they are and what they do.

When I think of legendary lingerie and loungewear brand Only Hearts 1978, I think of filmy layers, delicate lettuce hems, and sweet romantic lace. Created in -you guessed it- 1978, Only Hearts was a teeny shop before blooming into the internationally known and beloved lingerie and lifestyle label that it is today. Designer Helena Stuart inspired decades of fashion- not just lingerie- with her ‘innerwear as outerwear’ design philosophy. Only Hearts was born in and is still made in New York City, and continues making the romantic- but not completely impractical- styles of lingerie today, and with increasing use of sustainable fabrics.

As I set out to start Sweet Hitchhiker, my dream list of labels had Only Hearts on it right away. I wanted an NYC-based lingerie label, and decided to reach out to the iconic brand. To me, the marriage of wearability and sexy attitude that goes into Only Hearts’ designs is just about perfect. These are intimate garments that look stunning on the body but that you can actually wear all day. Romantic lace teddies, soft and flirty bodysuits, sheer panties, comfy and fun bralettes– you will find modern women’s underwear in flattering silhouettes and stunning colors.

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Label Spotlight: Le Petit Trou

I discovered amazing Polish lingerie label Le Petit Trou via Instagram. I immediately fell in love with their design aesthetic- sexy (lots of sheer fabrics and flattering cuts), but sweet at times (details like ruffles, bows- but not over-the-top, tasteful) and distinct. One of my favorite pieces is the Estelle bralette– a sheer wireless bralette that features a subtle dot print and a cute floppy bow in the front. Le Petit Trou makes lingerie that manages to combine cute, sexy and wearable into their pieces. In their own words:

Le Petit Trou was made for women who want to feel feminen, fashionable and comfortable in their own skin each day. The name of the brand refers to characteristic cuts in the lingerie. The lingerie itself stands out because of the use of the finest French and Italian materials as well as its design. All of the products are designed in such a way to stimulate the senses and body. Made with pleasure in mind; sexy, but not in an obvious way.

Le Petit Trou hits a lot of high notes for me: minimal and easy-to-wear bodies, modern and easy to layer and mix palettes, and cute details. If you’re a fan of bows, hearts, stars, polka dots and ruffles- chances are there is a piece from LPT that you will love. See: the amazing Clementine bodysuit and swoon! It’s no big surprise that Le Petit Trou has been blowing up- featured in Vogue Magazine and other fashion publications with their modern and fashionable approach to lingerie. I’m very happy to carry Le Petit Trou at Sweet Hitchhiker, and am excited to see what beautiful pieces will come from them next!

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Label Spotlight: Hopeless Lingerie

Hopeless Lingerie is an amazing label out of Melbourne, Australia. I fell in love immediately when I saw their shapes and fabrics, and was even more hooked when I heard who they are and what inspires them! From their site:

Dark, modern and romantic lingerie for bad-ass women. Hopeless is not like other lingerie brands. We like horror movies and heavy metal and midnight snacks, and wearing lingerie for yourself because it makes you feel good. We specialize in custom orders and custom sizing, because anyone who wants it deserves beautiful lingerie. All Hopeless orders are cut, sewn and wrapped with love in the Hopeless Office in Melbourne, Australia.

Hopeless was established by sisters Gabrielle & Dominique Adamidis in 2008. Since the very beginning, Hopeless has strived for a balance of dark and light, old and new, soft and hard. Inspiration is usually found in old horror movies, in particular the female villains and heroines. We always look to the women with power and control, and channel their energy in every design.

Over the years we have been featured in numerous publications worldwide, including Vogue, CR Fashion Book, Marie Claire, Elle, Acclaim, Vice, and, Playboy. Our celebrity clients have included Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Carine Roitfeld, Emma Roberts, Joyce Bonelli, Halsey, Bella Thorne, Adriana Lima and many more.

To me a label like Hopeless is so exciting because they’re really redefining what ‘sexy lingerie’ is. It isn’t always frills and ruffles, nor is it always leather, harnesses- it can be tough and soft at the same time. Hopeless also nods to the retro too- drawing from B movie vixens and Pinups, but updating cuts and fabrics for modern fit and versatility. While I love what they’ve produced so far, I’m also so excited to see what Hopeless creates in the future!

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Label Spotlight: Bully Boy Lingerie

I want to use this space to highlight the lovely labels that are currently available for sale on Sweet Hitchhiker. When I started the site I wanted a selection that was kind of like my own lingerie drawer: some tried and true brands that supply some perrenial favorites and awesome basics, and some stand out indie brands for those special, handmade and unique items. Maybe shopping the site you’ll encounter a brand you’ve not seen before, while scooping up a new pair of your favorite seamless undies! đŸ˜‰

Bully Boy is a label out of Canada, and everything is handmade! I became obsessed with their modern take on lingerie, yet many pieces still have a nod to the retro: delicate and lacy triangle bras and sheer high-waisted briefs. The standouts are the bodysuits, feminine and provocatively seductive without being too fussy or complicated. The fabrics used are so soft to the skin, these are truly special items that you’ll treasure. Supporting small companies that are ethically responsible makes us feel good, so I hope you fall in love with Bully Boy Lingerie as I have.

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Hi there! Welcome to my site and store! A little background: after working in retail for around 20 years, I wanted to put my own passion out there in the world, in the form of a curated lingerie store. To start out I selected a few labels that represent where I live (New York) that are also well-known and well-respected, as well as some newer emerging brands from around the world that I find to be exciting and wanted to share! As time goes on I will expand the selection- and would love to hear who are your lingerie go-to brands or on your ‘WANT’ Pinterest boards. I also intend to offer more sizing options, including more plus/ expanded sizes- so know that that is a goal of mine.

If you make a purchase, please let me know what you think- I’m just one gal in Brooklyn right now, hoping to help you make your lingerie wardrobe everything you want it to be. Thank you for supporting a female-owned and operated business, and one founded on a humble dream.

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