Sweet Hitchhiker is a haven for modern women’s underwear, offering styles beyond your typical padded underwire bras and lacy panties (though we do love those too! 🙂 ). I’m highlighting the amazing labels that I chose for the shop, with some background around how cool they are and what they do.

When I think of legendary lingerie and loungewear brand Only Hearts 1978, I think of filmy layers, delicate lettuce hems, and sweet romantic lace. Created in -you guessed it- 1978, Only Hearts was a teeny shop before blooming into the internationally known and beloved lingerie and lifestyle label that it is today. Designer Helena Stuart inspired decades of fashion- not just lingerie- with her ‘innerwear as outerwear’ design philosophy. Only Hearts was born in and is still made in New York City, and continues making the romantic- but not completely impractical- styles of lingerie today, and with increasing use of sustainable fabrics.

As I set out to start Sweet Hitchhiker, my dream list of labels had Only Hearts on it right away. I wanted an NYC-based lingerie label, and decided to reach out to the iconic brand. To me, the marriage of wearability and sexy attitude that goes into Only Hearts’ designs is just about perfect. These are intimate garments that look stunning on the body but that you can actually wear all day. Romantic lace teddies, soft and flirty bodysuits, sheer panties, comfy and fun bralettes– you will find modern women’s underwear in flattering silhouettes and stunning colors.