Hopeless Lingerie is an amazing label out of Melbourne, Australia. I fell in love immediately when I saw their shapes and fabrics, and was even more hooked when I heard who they are and what inspires them! From their site:

Dark, modern and romantic lingerie for bad-ass women. Hopeless is not like other lingerie brands. We like horror movies and heavy metal and midnight snacks, and wearing lingerie for yourself because it makes you feel good. We specialize in custom orders and custom sizing, because anyone who wants it deserves beautiful lingerie. All Hopeless orders are cut, sewn and wrapped with love in the Hopeless Office in Melbourne, Australia.

Hopeless was established by sisters Gabrielle & Dominique Adamidis in 2008. Since the very beginning, Hopeless has strived for a balance of dark and light, old and new, soft and hard. Inspiration is usually found in old horror movies, in particular the female villains and heroines. We always look to the women with power and control, and channel their energy in every design.

Over the years we have been featured in numerous publications worldwide, including Vogue, CR Fashion Book, Marie Claire, Elle, Acclaim, Vice, and, Playboy. Our celebrity clients have included Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Carine Roitfeld, Emma Roberts, Joyce Bonelli, Halsey, Bella Thorne, Adriana Lima and many more.

To me a label like Hopeless is so exciting because they’re really redefining what ‘sexy lingerie’ is. It isn’t always frills and ruffles, nor is it always leather, harnesses- it can be tough and soft at the same time. Hopeless also nods to the retro too- drawing from B movie vixens and Pinups, but updating cuts and fabrics for modern fit and versatility. While I love what they’ve produced so far, I’m also so excited to see what Hopeless creates in the future!