I discovered amazing Polish lingerie label Le Petit Trou via Instagram. I immediately fell in love with their design aesthetic- sexy (lots of sheer fabrics and flattering cuts), but sweet at times (details like ruffles, bows- but not over-the-top, tasteful) and distinct. One of my favorite pieces is the Estelle bralette– a sheer wireless bralette that features a subtle dot print and a cute floppy bow in the front. Le Petit Trou makes lingerie that manages to combine cute, sexy and wearable into their pieces. In their own words:

Le Petit Trou was made for women who want to feel feminen, fashionable and comfortable in their own skin each day. The name of the brand refers to characteristic cuts in the lingerie. The lingerie itself stands out because of the use of the finest French and Italian materials as well as its design. All of the products are designed in such a way to stimulate the senses and body. Made with pleasure in mind; sexy, but not in an obvious way.

Le Petit Trou hits a lot of high notes for me: minimal and easy-to-wear bodies, modern and easy to layer and mix palettes, and cute details. If you’re a fan of bows, hearts, stars, polka dots and ruffles- chances are there is a piece from LPT that you will love. See: the amazing Clementine bodysuit and swoon! It’s no big surprise that Le Petit Trou has been blowing up- featured in Vogue Magazine and other fashion publications with their modern and fashionable approach to lingerie. I’m very happy to carry Le Petit Trou at Sweet Hitchhiker, and am excited to see what beautiful pieces will come from them next!